About myself & the love of Fly Tying & Fly Fishing

For the love of it.

Hi my name is Brian Ratcliff and I am the founder of bjr flies . I was born in a small town  in Devon called Sidmouth , the youngest of three brothers who love fishing , like myself . It was our dad , who is sadly no longer with us , who got us into fishing from an early age . But it was my elder Brother Mike who introduced me to fly fishing especially for Sea Trout . After many nights on the river listening to what he had to say about the area we were fishing and him giving me pointers of where the fish would be holding and how best to fish the pools , the rest was up to me to put into action .  Catching and getting that first Sea Trout to the net made my heart race . From that Trip fishing for Sea Trout I was hooked and never looked back . Although I love fishing for  Sea Trout , lf I was asked , is that it ? I would have to say No . I love everything about Fly Fishing as a whole , be it fishing for Hard fighting Sea Trout , Salmon , to small wild Browns or fishing on Commercial waters for different types of Trout . There's something special about catching these fish on a fly rod , by using fly patterns that I have tied . Which brings me on to my love of fly tying . Over the years of tying my own fly patterns or tying for friends I never get fed up . When sitting down at the vice I just love tying whatever patterns take my fancy at that moment in time . I feel as a fly tyer you are the one in charge . Meaning you are not restricted on what you tie , or how you want your pattern to look . Of  course when you are wanting to tye patterns that have been well established and also well known , in this situation you should really follow what the pattern states from what ever book it has come from . But at the same time as a fly tyer , you will always be in a position to add or tweek patterns whether they are well known and been around for many years or something that was only thought of and taken off the vice yesterday . Like I said before , you are the fly tyer and you are the one who can change how a pattern looks . Old patterns or up to date patterns just let your mind take you to new areas in this sport and art form that we all love . 


           Tightlines & Happy Tying